Epoxy Resin Coating



We had a coating specially formulated for us to treat the inside of bats after they are shaved which has been shown to increase the bat’s durability. The formula is made of the same materials composite bats are made of and then an epoxy resin is added to it for adhesion purposes. The epoxy resin seals the fibers of the composite on the bat’s inner walls which adds structural integrity to help slow down the formation of stress cracks which eventually lead to pieces flaking off and causing rattles, loss of performance and larger cracks. The composite material in the formula gives strength to the inner walls and also adds flexibility so that it doesn’t crack and flake off like a normal epoxy resin would. The inner walls will have more of their original look and feel The product itself is very expensive to make as was the process of having it developed so unfortunately we do have to charge extra for it but we think you’ll find it worth the extra cost.

Please remember when visiting our competitior’s websites that any new idea including this one is always copied as soon as we list it on our website. Within days after adding the epoxy resin option to our website, our competitors had added it to theirs.  Being that we spent almost two years developing this product and paid to have this formula developed you have to realize that our competitor’s resin coating is probably nothing close to what our’s is. Please be careful when shopping our competitors. World’s Hottest Bats is the industry leader and quality is our number one goal. (Note*** One of our closest competitors online charges for bat shaving but does not actually even shave bats at all. We have seen at least 10 of their bats over the last year or so sent in by their unhappy customers and upon inspection found that the bat had never been shaved even though they had paid to have it shaved.)




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