Choose The Right Shaved Bat Service

Choosing the right shaved bat service is important. Choosing the wrong service can have some less than desirable results. You should only trust your bat in the hands if professionals who know what they are doing. Mistakes are easy to make for someone who is not trained. Bats breaking right away, endcaps not staying in, endloads breaking loose and lack of performance are some of the problems possible when using the wrong company to work on your bat.

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About Bat Shaving

Bat shaving is the process of thinning the inner walls of a bat to produce a more flexible bat. The process involves removing the cap and placing the bat on the spinning part of a lathe. A boring bar is inserted inside to remove a thin layer of the inner walls gradually and evenly. Only about one to two ounces of weight from the inner walls are removed.

The process helps to increase the flexibility of the bat. Proper technique is important because inconsistency in the thinning of the walls could produce inaccurate results that could cause the bat to break immediately or not produce any change in performance. A good bat shaving service will produce a bat that has the ability to increase distance up to 50 feet.

Things to Watch Out For

There are some things you should watch out for when choosing a shaved bat service. Choosing a good service is important because the technique needs to be precise. Bad technique equals bad results. If the bat is not shaved using the proper technique you could experience bat breakage or even the end cap flying off during use.

Another thing to keep in mind about bat shaving is that it is not permitted in sanctioned league play, tournaments with regulations on bat performance level or where it is other wise illegal. If you have a shaved bat you need to be responsible when using it.

About a Good Service

When choosing a good bat shaving service you need to look for quality and professionalism. You want a company that has been in business for some time. You want to know they are professionals who know what they are doing. You need to be able to trust in the company. It is very important that you make sure they know exactly what they are doing.

It can be too easy to shave too much off the inner walls of a bat or to not secure the end cap back on. The last thing you want is your new bat to fall apart as soon as you hit that first ball. A good service will also be able to make recommendations on things like finished weight, endloading and other factors that you can get the most from your new altered bat. A good bat service will be willing to communicate with you to understand your goals for the bat. You will be able to let them know whether you are more concerned with performance or durability and they can make adjustments accordingly.